Reviews for "Daily2oon08312005"

:D < Better than July's

Sure, once again, I've seen most of these already, but not all together. Plus I missed a few, so I'm glad to see some of the new ones too.

Sexually gratifying

I very much enjoyed this month of daily2oons. I'd like to thank the Star Syndicate for giving me the opportunity to showcase some of my work in the daily2oons without the pressure and idiocy of the Newgrounds voting system. It was a pleasure making flashes with you guys.

Now onto the sucky parts about this 2oon.
Oh, its not the flashes that suck at all. Chances are I've already reviewed all of them, but I will say that I enjoyed jetninjin's and ZekeySpaceLizard's the most (and I'm sure others do as well, seeing as they are co-authors). Both are flash masters. IMO some of the best flash artists on newgrounds.
And it's not the way it was put together that sucks either. Fantastic menus and tons of work went into compiling these flashes correctly, and I must say Zero you did a flawless job. The beginning warnings and ending credits were excellent. This is a flash of epic proportion that shows just how much work goes into the star syndicate.

Oh sorry, I was getting to the part that sucked.
It's the reviews and the score that suck.

Can you not see that the SS has a ton of quality artists? Can you not see how much work went into this month of 2oons? Can you not see that it's SUPPOSED to be random and not have a point? That's the wonder of daily2oon. You watch them looking for a laugh, not some shit that will get front page (although I think all of these flashes put together SHOULD make front page... it would be a refreshing change from the usual illwillpress horse shit).

Alright sorry for ranting.
It's been a great month guys and in the next month we'll only get better. Can't wait for dailytoon 200 and whatever else is in store for the future. Peace

The best ones

F00D: 10th and 21st
Tremour: 17th
Roymasta: 23rd
ChairAttackbitch: 22nd
Jetninjin: 25th

Those movies still make me laugh like crazy.

SS <#


I had to write this review solely because of the one with tom and wade fulp dancing. I burst out laughing on that one!

The rest were good too.

This was seriously good.

The best collection of movies ever? Yep.