Reviews for "Daily2oon08312005"


this is by far the best flash of your series


bestest ever. i am in debt to these fine artists for providing me with such pleasure.

Well you were right that I was going to review it

but I actually liked this one... I just get sick of the ones with crap entrants who depend on a long loading screen and the star_syndicate name to get past judgement. But this one didn't have that stupid menu, and the entries had a lot of work put into them, and I enjoyed this one. And I don't blam every SS entry, just the crap ones, don't worry >:)

There is a time and place for the 'eplileptic random noisy WTF scene,' and this one put it to a lot better use than SS entries that contained virtually ONLY that... this one got a little gratuitous at parts, but I voted 2/5 this time.

You guys have a lot of great potential in you, but you sometimes let that get the better of you when you submit junk riding on your past accomplishments.

Favorite moment: 'you can't leave... I'll KILL you if you leave, bitch!'

TheStarSyndicate responds:

2/5 and review 8? I thought that was a 4/5. whatever.

I keep hearing you're a cool guy from a few people, but your last reviews were too stupid not to laugh at. Especially when you cut and pasted your review about us having a flashy introduction when it was replaced with a shitty one.

You do know that the first season had the shitties preloaders and menus I could throw in there, right?

one of these days

i've got to try to get in the best of september but you know..... butts and stuff....

TheStarSyndicate responds:

September is the last one

Nice Daily2oon

But I thought Coolboyman would've been working with you guys on this. Nice job Star_Syndicate.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

he hasn't touched dailytoons since the first season :(