Reviews for "Daily2oon08312005"

((( CRAZY )))

Now im just getting around to checking these out, i wish the size was not so large though, anyways lots of interesting stuff, some very crazy and flash and some better, as for the loading screen it really messed with my eyes hehe, anyways it was neat, i plan to see more so hope there is less dizzy stuff ahead of me...



Love everything by Jetninjin, and Ritl is also very good. Hitler stuff is getting boring. There are all kinds of evil people in the world past and present to parody, let's see some of those portrayed as only the Star Syndicate could do justice. Stars in Hell was also interesting, though I hope it wasn't a prediction.


That was the great daily2oon collab! Keep up the good work!

i havent seen a "best of" dailytoon in a long time

the last "bet of" dailytoon/2oon was probably the 50th one,psycho jester (and i was grounded from comp for the rest of the toons so i dont know what was after that,except the 100th one i saw). whatever happened to him or coolboyman or jOOb,last time i saw one of there masterpieces was for the carcrash/7 star,wait a minute,wasnt it him,oh well,this reveiw is for today and now. i didnt get to see it cause today my comp is realy messing up,but im sure its good so after this im restarting my comp and hopefuly it will cooperate so i can see this tremendous (hopefuly) daily2oon

The best of August all rolled into 1 flash :D

It's been a wonderful wonth eh SS?


I'd like to send a massive thank j00 to f00d, Auberginelock, ZekeySpaceyLizard, jetninjin, Uglybastard, Threestar, Rtil and all of the other animators who managed to make it into this awesome compilation of Daily2oons at it's finest in August.

Best ones of this month in my opinion is quite hard to choose.

Perhaps f00d's anime spoof, rtil's awesome tom & wade flash, jetninjin's thunderbird spoof, and ZekeySpaceyLizards Barneypoop parody are my faves of this collab, but hey they're all good!

zomg, even i made it into it, and thanks for fixing up the font problem on my submission! ;-)

Good show folks! Fifen'd and added to faves! Hope this gets frontpage :-D