Reviews for "Red Dwarf Intro"

Can't wait!

One of my favourite comedy's :) i'm looking forward to it...if you ARE making a full flash of it. I like the drawings of the characters it's all very good. Needs more comedy.

UncleStevie responds:

The comedy shall be there my friend! The first episode will be called "BLACK HOLE" Just to get you a lil' more excited ;)

All right!

I can't wait for this to come out in full! I love Red Dwarf!

UncleStevie responds:

Here here!


i also see the similarities in your drawin and family guy. i thought the movie fitted the music incredibley well. Can u reply to me and tell me if there will be a Cat appearing in the main feature?

i give 5 cause i love red dwarf and you seem to know what your doing

UncleStevie responds:

Cat will be in the main feature yes. Thanks for the nice review, I'm glad I got the lag sorted too man!


Can't wait for this. I like the Family Guy style characters too.

UncleStevie responds:

Thanks Observer_Mark!

can't wait to see it

the graphics look amazing and very similar to futurama. this looks to be a very hopeful movie if its like the trailer.