Reviews for "Red Dwarf Intro"

lol i luv red dwarf

that was funny how the talkie toaster was in space and how the polymorph was beans to a car to a plane. wow i sound like a nerd


that was based on the 6th season was it not i just watched it today!
i loved the one with the thing that changes shape, especially when the cat gets turned bak into DUANE DIBBLEY

Cool not bad

im not sure i its a bug or just my comp but the "extras " or "scene select " buttons did not work but other wise really good

UncleStevie responds:

Don't worry - they're not meant to! It's just the intro, cheers for the review.


nice work

i loved it

haha, Rimmer gets the polymorph in the eye


this is really good BUT, the cat never becomes a hologram!