Reviews for "Red Dwarf Intro"

((( VERY NICE )))

Very nice graphics, from the characters to the ships to the backrounds, and i must admot while this was just a trailer you really presented it well and some very nice colors used all around, was not to short nor too long but just right and keeps the viewer like myself interested in wanting to see a full version, so very welldone on presentation i hope to see a full version soon...


The force is indeed STONG with you well done

Looks like it's gonna be great

can't wait to see it

the graphics look amazing and very similar to futurama. this looks to be a very hopeful movie if its like the trailer.


as a red dwarf fan i am so looking forward to seeing this movie
good work dude!!


I think this is the first Red Dwarf thing here on Newgrounds! I hope this'll be good! I LOVE Red Dwarf!(new user here...first review too..)