Reviews for "Red Dwarf Intro"

Make the goddam Flash Cainey!!!!!

How long have you been working on this? And what results have you had so far? NONE!!!!!! Your just lazy and ignorant and I'll get Mark to get you!!!!!!!!!

looking good

great animation and hopefully if you make this into a series then you will have fairly accurate voiceover for the characters on the tv series because ive seen another red dwarf animation on the net and the voices didnt sound anything like the characters on the tv programme. anyway im looking forward to see this series if you make it.


i cant wait for the series it looks smegging brilliant and I thought I should tell people either this year or the next there is going to be...
A RED DWARF MOVIE (smegtastic)

ok, but i guess it's only a trailer...

To logfish... I think rimmer and kochanski(forgot the spelling lol) are the same! Anyway I can't wait for black hole to come out is it going to be a red-dwarf episode length episode?

UncleStevie responds:

The episode will be around (and this is me estimating...) 7-10 mins. Maybe. Perhaps. Thanks for your support.

You may do it justice

You've taken on quite a challenge here guy! I doubt anyone can really capture the essense of Rimmer, or the rest of them for that matter heh. However I wish you all the best with this, I'll definately be interested to see your finished products! I think the voices are really going to be the make or break on this one, so make sure they're as accurate as possible . Good to see you didn't have Kochanski, she's arse, stick with Rimmer! hehe.