Reviews for "Legend of Pokemon"


That was hilarious. The entire randomness and concept of the entire thing made me laugh. Great job!

Sonucais responds:



all your base are belong to us

Sonucais responds:

for a great justice

lol pretty good

yeh i guess that chickens can kill... (thinks for a moment) hmmm death by cock.... and its kinda funny seeing how link was mistaken for zelda i guess becouse of his game titles and its kinda funny seeing as how u made them talk and curse and ash really didnt have a gf... and WHERE THE HELL WOULD A PERSON GET A BIG FUCKING BAZOOKA.....

Sonucais responds:

In any drawer of the house.


((( AWSOME )))

Awsome work, very good stuff, the sprites were sharp and clear, my only issue was that the size almost killed my machine, but anyways it was still very entertaining, not much to say other then compressing because it was really good stuff so notbad at all...


Sonucais responds:

not bad at all but you have me a 10.



Are you ever going to make a second one?