Reviews for "Legend of Pokemon"

One o the fucking movies EVER!!

Hehe your like the best flash maker EVER that was the fucking best flahs ever even better then that crappy tank men shit. I really liked it oh yeah and wtf was up that pooing thing?

Sonucais responds:

If do you think thats really really good, i dunno what is goin on with the second part, im doing it perfectly and the humor is like that one but with more random from my mind :o

About the pooing, i dunno whats that... maybe you are talking about the digimon


Finally! A submissin that make fun of pokemon, has sexual material, AND cursing at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWSUME!!!!!!!!!!! Make Chapter 2!!!!!!!! RIGHT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonucais responds:

HAHAHAHAHA, but you are only 13 O_o"

this is how is really started?

in a real pokemon game this happend?

Sonucais responds:


Hurry up!

Make a second one! Your making me sad by leaving it like that.

Sonucais responds:


That was so funny!

That was so fucking retarded but it so fucking funny!

Sonucais responds: