Reviews for "JDPoZ VS ThoChan : Ep. 1"

Wow..... Just wow.....

No further comment.

wow lamest excuse for a fight ever!

Wow awsome movie, I certainly loved both parts. Its good to see a well made movie using the river city style sprites. Awsome work!

Best Sprite Movie Ever?

I smell frontpage, that was so awesom I loved it numbah 2 in my favs!


OMG i think he just went 16 bit this movie rocked its totally gonna be on the frontpage!! u r L33T

((( WOW )))

Very impressive, even the amount of depth and detail with the filesize, it wasent long to load and get to it, makes me want to watch the others, very impressive detail and story, keeps one interested and just plain wanting more, im glad i saw this, and hope to see much more soon...