Reviews for "JDPoZ VS ThoChan : Ep. 1"


Fuck you! miami dolphins Rock!

JDPoZ responds:

lol. I'm sorry if I offended any Miami Dolphins fans! If you read JDPoZ's profile in the preloader, you can see that football isn't something he really even cares about... and neither do I; just part of the plot, that's all. >.<


BETTAR THEN SEX. Damn, I worship the ground you walk on.


OMG i think he just went 16 bit this movie rocked its totally gonna be on the frontpage!! u r L33T

Best Sprite Movie Ever?

I smell frontpage, that was so awesom I loved it numbah 2 in my favs!


It boring. The last guy was right over used slowmotion, sprites, dragonballz crappp, really shouldnt be there. still it wasnt the worst.