Reviews for "JDPoZ VS ThoChan : Ep. 1"


hehe how amusing sensless fights can be.


Amazing! Just amazing! O.O


Very nice work you have done there, i am very interested in how you will take the next episode!


A must see sprite film. By far one of the most action packed intense sprite movies out there! A great flash, very good. reat job and can't wait for more episodes.

wow, a little cool for a 16 bit flash

pretty funny when the guy got mad because the cap head shot the hot gurls phone #. lol. please make an ep.2. this is pretty cool. nice job.

JDPoZ responds:

Thank you. I am currently working on the story and scripting for episode 2 in my spare time. I hope to have a quicktime trailer of it on my website soon. So far, all I've come up with really is the new villian's theme song (also available on my site)