Reviews for "JDPoZ VS ThoChan : Ep. 1"

((( WOW )))

Very impressive, even the amount of depth and detail with the filesize, it wasent long to load and get to it, makes me want to watch the others, very impressive detail and story, keeps one interested and just plain wanting more, im glad i saw this, and hope to see much more soon...



Wow. Nice work JDPoz. You did a good job...to stay alive.

JDPoZ responds:

...At least I'm driving! lolololololol... whaaaaat???

Too smooth for school

very good

been done

this has been done way too many times, It was the same thing all the time, and why does every single fight submission have to contain crappy Dragon Ball Z shit its bull shit

JDPoZ responds:

Sorry to dissapoint you. I happened to have liked DBZ. Not now however, since Funimation's let the popularity of the series go to their head. They try to take credit for things which they did not create. Besides, I told you in the description, that if you LIKED DBZ, the Matrix, NES games, you'd probably like it. So, in a way, you watched it just so you could hate it. In the very least can't say you weren't forewarned.

fight fight fight

i dont like sprites ... yes, i dont ...
but that piece ... would be able to convince but ADD BLOOD xP BLOOD!!!