Reviews for "OMFG!: A Flash Tutorial"

This is great for beginners and even intermideate

First of all I put 0 on everything except overall because this isn't a movie really, so it shouldn't be juged that way. I was quite pleased to see a good flash tutorial for once. I personally am great with graphics and animation, but unfortunately my trial ran out and when I went to see how much it was to buy I almost died. I wish I had finished at least one movie, but I am a perfectionist and must have it perfect before I submit. Now I must inquire if you know any more about the action script. I know how to program in other languages, but not this one. If you could make another tutorial which explains in much more detail about the coding I would be quite happy. One question I must ask now though is how do you change the amount that is added to the variable each time and how can you change the type of variable it is, ie int, real, string. If you can answer any of this it would be much appreciated.

Smoking-Chimney responds:

Thanks a lot for the review! I'm not really an actionscript legend I'm afraid but the amount added to a variable can be changed by doing something like _root.variable+=2 to increase it by 2, or _root.variable+=34 to increase it by 34 etc. Hope this helps!

OMFG is right!

This is one of the best tutorials i have ever seen, it has everything i have ever wanted to learn about! This gets a 10 only because i can't go higher!!!


Good for most of the things you need. Though I didn't search too hard, I couldn't find how to make a loading screen >< :P I got Flash Player 8 for only twenty dollars.. So I don't know what the chunk of money the other guy said is about. But yeah, I'll definately come back to this many times

Great Tutorial!

Suppah review!!! I didn't know shit about Flash O.O Though now, I learned some. Didn't go through all the tutorial yet, but it's great, Thanks Man.

Thank you

Thank you im gonna start Right away