Reviews for "OMFG!: A Flash Tutorial"

Truly Crunk Material

That was great, informative, and it will help me greatly in the future, but I still hate macromedia.

Smoking-Chimney responds:

Lol... well I hope it does help you anyway!



Smoking-Chimney responds:


thanks to YOU!!

thanks to you i am now going ahead with the Team Badger project, im putting you
in the credits, i must point out that i think on the 3rd page of the sound section theres a pic overlapping some text and i couldnt read it,
but other then that thankyou so much you really helped me out.. stupid
flash 8 has a shit help section,
10/10! man


very great job! (and the person below me try flash professional.)


It looked like something from windowns 98,i have a question

when i make a button and a frame after it..it just blinks the 2 frames