Reviews for "OMFG!: A Flash Tutorial"

Good but you missed one thing!

Argggggh!! You totally didn't tell us anything about making movies! Dont get me wrong, it's a great tute and I learnt a lot but when the movie portion came up you pretty much just said, "Ok, it's pretty tough but you should go and experiment!". That's not what a tutorial is suppose to be like!
Still giving it a 10 because I DID learn a lot, thanks.

omfg!!! great tut!!!

bloody great tut m8 even though i only spent ten minutes on it i still learnt how to toggle qualty,u should be proud of urself :D although i would like to know how to do a timer or /and clock.

AWESOME! Just one thing...

THIS GAME IS AWESOME it's just that It shows "Stop Sound", but It does not show how to "play sound".

Great readup!

This really helped me! Flash looks so daunting when you're a beginner like myself, and this silenced alot of my doubts about quitting, thanks!!!


this is one of the only tutorials out there that helps! thanks!