Reviews for "OMFG!: A Flash Tutorial"

OMFG!!!! 10 10 10 10

this is THEE best flash turtorial ever made!!!! thankyou so much!!
This helped me alot thnx!

Smoking-Chimney responds:

I'm glad it helps!


Well when i first used this tutorial there was one thing that popped into my mind, that was WHY HAS NO ONE EVER DONE SOMTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE!?!? well i am a n00b when it comes to flash animation-BUT NOT FOR LONG!!!!! thank you very very much, this has helped me immensly!

Smoking-Chimney responds:

I'm glad this tutorial is having such a big effect and helping people!


I skimmed it and saw it had just about everything (- a few things) that I learned in a Flash Corse I took at school for 6 months ^^;
But ya don't get the hands on correction that some of us mortals need.

Smoking-Chimney responds:

Lol... well I still hope it can help people :) Thanks for the review!

Well done!

even though I dont look at a lot of NG tutorials and I have been working with flash for almost 6 years, I know a good flash when I see one!

1. this was worked hard on
2. nice use of movie clips
3. helpful to those who dont know how to use flash
4. it tells you more than what it says it's goin to tell you! (helpful)
5. the preloader is ACCTUALLY real and working (unlike a lot I see)
6. GREAT use of the color mixer!
7. worked more than a day on it (I hope)

Smoking-Chimney responds:

Thanks a lot for the review :D and in answer to number 7, it took about a month in between and around other projects.


ohmygawd its kick ass
this is without doubt the best tutorial! EVER!

it really helped me ^^
thx :)

keep up teh good work! *thumbs up*

Smoking-Chimney responds:

Glad it helped :D