Reviews for "OMFG!: A Flash Tutorial"


A great tutorial but only 1 problem for me where do i get Flash?

Please someone reply thanks!


I was wondering how to use Actionscript...this is a great tutorial.

Simply AMAZING Tutorial!

10/10 Stars for you sir. You helped me and all the other Novice/Beginner aspiring Flash animators out there. *Bows*


Perfect for total beginners all of the other tutorials I've seen expect the person to already know a good amount of flash and was complicated in explaining all of what to do but this one starts out with the simplest concepts and explains them in an easy to understand way

Really Useful

I've tried every other tutorial here, but they seemed to expect that I already knew some of flash - this was a really great tutorial. -1 star because It was difficult to figure out the order in which I should navigate the different tutorials - and you started talking about symbols before explaining what they were.