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Reviews for ""The Mustache Contest""


I love it! This is one of the best and most unique movies I have ever seen on newgrounds! PAt your self on your big animator's back! And the music was just perfect! In short, I'm gonna be voting for this in the monthly voting! This is without a doubt,an amusing work of art.

VERY refreshing!!!

I really like your style. And I especially like your sound effects...the phone ringing, the gunshots, etc. I hope to see more from you.


.. you made me bust a lung! That was great!

I really like the style, simple, but very well animated... just wish I could give this a 6!

But a five will have to do lol!


This kicked ass. The bouncing walrus sound effect was the best. Great punchline. j00 ruleXorz. Pwned.


No dobt that was AWESOME!
The fact that the aniumation was so simple made it that
much FUNNIER!!!
And thats um.. rare!
You guys rock!