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Reviews for "the apple orchard"

very well done

I was really able to relate to this story, having experienced both the desire to get into a relationship and the dread of wanting to leave one. The ending had a particularly meaningful message: marriage is no guarantee of hapiness...but it does allow you to reach a happiness you can't attain single.

5 out of 5


I love your graphics style!!! It was both beautifful as original! And the movie itself was also very, very good....applause!

it was good for people who actually like that sort

my summary tells u

a very good story indeed!

it reminds me of the children's books at my daycare when I was a toddler, and instead of people they told the stories by animals(in this case birds) and really those story has interpreted a love life of a teenage boy. I hope you make more of these!

I really liked this flash movie, I really did.

What kind of paper is that? It's at the tip of my tongue. Your graphics and style were so innovative, and I liked the voices for the birds. The other pair of birds were slightly humorous. Good job.