Reviews for "Thing-Thing"

this rocks

you should totaly make more of these you rock at this

Great Job

Very good game. The weapon variety was very good, but I noticed that when you use the weapon cheat, you get weapons you cannot get up to the end, or i'm assuming thats the end when that robot kills you. Is there a reason it gives you weapons you can't actually get? Otherwise it was great. The background music was excellent to fit the mood of the game. Anyone saying this game is bad doesn't know what they are talking about. The graphics were indeed flawless. Keep it up, and add onto this.

Is fun

I like it this game but i dont know how i lost i will played another time -_-

good game

kinda like wink and maddness interactive. i found this glitch in the enemys. if u shoot at the gap between thier head and body the bullet will pass through them but will not hurt them.somewhat gay yet usefull.


this game was excellent and it doesnt have an insane amount of enemies comin at u at once to the point where theres almost no way to win, but jus like everyone else is sayin pretty much WAY TO SHORT, keep it up tho really good work