Reviews for "Thing-Thing"


OH EM GEE! lol...yeah,...that was fucking awesome. That engine is nice, and the charrie creation system was the shit!!!! (good)...erm...the only reason style got you a 5 was the madness thing. But in this case...I didnt mind! You still got the 5!!! Hopefully this hits Front Page!!


i liked it, reminded me of the madness games

Nice Engine!

That's A really nice engine and I hope to see a really good game come out of it!!! I especially liked the char. creation system. over all very nice work.

very good game....

one of a kind game.....i like this,it has balls and i like them...great job...

Good engine

Similar to the Madness engine which you don't see oftern, I like it, hope you make a game :)