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Reviews for "Nocturne Op.37 No.1 in G minor"

I like this, makes me want to see her stand, just move; well done!

Something about this.. captivates me. She reminds me of me, always a cat around - usually sleeping at a time like this - and me, blankly staring at the computer (or sometimes the television) watching videos, movies, or shows. She looks like she is deep in thought about something entirely different than what she is watching - or pretending to watch - and something is bothering her. This is kind of how I am feeling right now, a weird kind of depression.

I love the colors and shades, the sun coming in and highlighting certain parts of the room - and her. I also really love all of the simple details, how things aren't detailed themselves, but, there are a lot of things in her room, around her, and on her. The lighting is amazing, like how I said the sunlight coming in as it is setting and also how the green on her computer screen is lighting up the desk and bits of her, it demonstrates how dark the room is. Really, it's romantic in a way.

I don't understand your author comment on this piece, it makes no sense to me because I see it as something totally different than you - I am guessing. You are the artist, it is not what you want it to mean, it is what the viewer thinks it means, this is why it is art - and this is why this one is such a great masterpiece.

Something is botherin`1


Excellent image! :3 Gotta love the blue/orange. The touch of green is nice.

You've also got that super great grasp on perspective and linewidth going on here.


Pretty cool, plus her feet are nice.

Woven with the utmost care.