Reviews for "SSAM #1"


I like the way the music brought out the mood of the movie and the fact that the main guy doesn't talk. However it could of been better.

Eh... so-so

I've had my moments... but as the guy before me said, cheer up emo kid. A decent flash, a touching story, really... But the emo kid is just... weak...

oh man...

oh my god man, i heart this movie. it really gets across to me on a deep and seemingly meaningless level. The graphics were good but maybe a little too emo. It was like a boringly uneventful episode of southpark. But i did heart it, i hearted it alot. Tears are running down my bloodstained cheeks to strike at my valley of bleeding hearts...or maybe im just hungry. Nice animation, keep up the good work emo kid.


I thought that was utter tripe! The only thing I loved about it is the Hans Zimmer music choice. Superb music, but I thought the movie sucked and was mostly pathetic.
It's what I see all the time...emo people separating themselves from society and "wanting" to be part of a group, but subconsciously pushing people away. Another thing is that this is so cliched and overused its not funny...maybe not on newgrounds but i've seen many versions of this "freakboy likes girl, girl seems to ignore him, but then ends up with him in the end" ...and i just think that's pathetic that the boy doesn't have the balls to go up to the kid, punch the faggot in the face and take the girl. Instead, he whines about his life, cowers from people and wonders when he's going to die when some bullies beat him up...AND! without any sort of self-defence either! just sits there waiting to be hit. somebody like him then doesn't deserve a girl(an ugly girl might i add in this movie.) and should just remain the 'nobody' he is. Emo/goths/freaks lock themselves up from people....and they wonder why their life is so miserable.
Oh, and i love south park but you copying their style is just weak and it's so unoriginally simple, why bother making the movie...why not just make it with freakin stick figures. end.


sorry man but this series is soooo bad, i agree with the guy below me, right on every count, overdone, lame and gay, god damn emo's are such loosers if you ask me you deserve to be bashed i mean come on how sad is that i hate you people who think you have problems, YOU DONT
you just want attention, if you cut yourself please do the world a favour an cut your wrists deep enough to die coz the last thing i want to deal with is soem looser who does life threatening things for attention. if you have problems you work through them and suck it up, take it like a man it will make you stronger and toughen you up dont bitch and whine because thats pathetic and weak man