Reviews for "SSAM #1"


wow, that just made me remember my memories of my past before i met my girlfriend, and made me feel how special my relationship is, thank you. yay! me love movie


That was nice I watched it with my sister she cried up a god damn storm I felt like I would have to mop up her mutha fuckin tears but I liked this flash I mean finally a romantic love story without sex or violence or cum or pussyjuice or drugs or racial slurs or butt-fucking titty fucking and any other fucking that I missed

Good job kid keep it up

Sad :(

That was sad. Kinda' reminds me of someone I know...


it is just like my life only without the happy ending.....


That was the best movie I have ever seen! I have seen Titanic and that shit didnt move me. I saw this little flash and I shed a tear! I feel his pain, this is the best flash movie ever!