Reviews for "SSAM #1"

Damn powerful stuff, man!

OMG you bugger! You nearly made me cry! lol. I love this thing! It's so true. C'mon guys! You cannot say that some of you feel the way he does (I know I do *sigh*) erm, anyway...
I also like the fact that its South Park style. South Park is kik @$$ ^_^


Are they in the Netherlands, or do they just have a dutch class?

Heart felt.

Seemed very heartful and the music felt very well. Personally I just didn't like the South Park style but only since I feel it's very overused. But the story was quite moving and sweet.

And as a note to bladerbong, I hope your mom helped you type that because that's sad if you spelt like that "urself." But I digress.

Good show, I look forward to seeing how this what seems to be, tragedy, will unfold.


Dude, that was sweet and came from the heart.
(I should give you a 10 just because of the dude wearing the metallica shirt, well 80's anyway..)

free love.

Yes, we need some good shit now and then.