Reviews for "SSAM #1"

Point Made

I think that this is a basic teenage reality, it happens all the time back in my highschool days my BF was just like this kid. touchy and i think that the southpark animation worked well with the setting. Your message in this sereis is conveyed well.


Moey Emo Crap does not go well with south park style animation =P


this is how i feel in real life... but man, this is so.. i can't explain it... Its good... made me have deep feelings... maybe its just the music


The Dude kinda deserved it, cause he's a emo fag, but i found it really upsetting lol, i get upset over loads of things like this, but good job =]

No Im not fucking ok.

This sucked. That guy is a loser and deserved what happened to him and if I was that girl Id beat the shit out of him causes he is a nerd and shoed date other fucking nerds. Yes I thought this flash was well drawn but I also thought it was stupid and cheesy. Some people will vote on whether they thought it was well drawn or not but not me I vote based on wither I was entertained or not. All romance films suck and love doesn’t easiest. Just get that threw your fucking head ass hole.