Reviews for "SSAM #1"

Needs Improvement

This was not bad. It seems like you're more of a story teller than an animator. While the story was good, I felt it was a bit too overdramatic at times. Especially near the end.

Also, while it's good, there really was very little animation to speak of. If there was a category to rate on just animation, I would have to give you a low mark as not a lot of work was done in that area.

One other thing, when you said "Their coming back" It should be "They're coming back." Haha, sorry, I'm picky about grammar.

However, overall it was good and I defintely did not give this a blam grade. 2/5 from me.

OurGuardian responds:

Yeah I noticed. The night I finished this I was pretty stoned, I didn't really see this mistake until now. It's so embarrasing...:( Ciao.


Its deep..deep and goth..very deep..me likey

Excellent flash work

Xander you are an excellent flash artist and this movie kicked ass. I loved the music and the style was a ncie change. The story was simple yet touching

Well done!!

OurGuardian responds:

Thanks man, you rock too, thanks for helping me out.

Pretty damn good

Nice south park style animation. Decent story. There isnt much sound but you didnt mess it up with uneccesary sfx. Its a good quality flash

pretty cool man

i liked the way you made the out of focus characters and background look.