Reviews for "SSAM #1"

Really Pretty good

I liked the whole storyline it was very heartfelt, but it also answered the rhetort that was flying through my head the whole time (This bullshit this never happens). Good ending. The subtitles while very well thought out, were too small. Fix that. I loved the music and I expect to see a sequal. Pretty good

My life...

Kinda reminds me of my life...

Without the Girl coming up to me after I got my ass kicked...

it was alright

not exactly a great movie but i love south park animation so yeah. i guess i can wait for the sequel.


Wow that was a deep love story that was actually good. I liked the south park style graphics and the charlie brown smile he has when the angel smiles at him...Good Job on a good movie

Dude that was fucked up...

...and i loved it dude to tired to explain why i thought so but it was cool keep up the good work