Reviews for "SSAM #1"


im exactly the same way, im always thinking about this girl in my irish class, but i wonder if she thinks of me... ever

Very good once again.

This once is an interesting cliffhanger. But I just need to leave a comment about your 5th. The worst thing you could have done was make the gunman show up. Honeslty there is a limit to the amount of bad things that can happen. If you ended it right when they hugged it would have been perfect but you had to go and change it up. I hope there is a sixth one anyway. Nice job good series.


Geeze man, shoot a guy through the heart, eh?

I've gone back through this series, not the very last one yet though... but come on man, you like leaving us bleeding?


well, props to you on the story and the graphics... kudos, even.

And to Duke-of-Aces:

I hate you.

overplayed plot with stolen graphics

cool/smooth graphics, but they arent original
I gave you a 3 just cause I have yet to see ANY OTHER dramatic self sorry crap around the internet
its a chick flick, what the fuck?

It looks like south park! (jking)

dude that was nice, i mean there are no other flashes on the internet like yours it kicked ass, but why couldnt the boy talk?