Reviews for "SSAM #1"

Great movie

good job I hope this dosent get blammed

Hmmmm..... good animation.....

not that much exitement but u can do better action flashes with those animations......

Very Good

Very good! I like how you used South Park styled characters. Though their needs to be more talking, maybe having some guy do the main characters mind. but all in all it was very good. I cant wait for another!

Good stuff

Alittle choppy, but I wouldn't be surprised if I saw this title with a green background behind it, if not blue. ^^ Good shtuff, mate.


well first of all it was great, music, animation, everythign went smoothly story loved how it was set up for a second. you need to be a director/writer. anyways here's the bad things.. the animation reminded me too much of southpark the characters and such.. and i really needed to be able to toggle the quality, because some parts my machine couldnt handle.. like when it switched scenes the fps dropped a bit but overall i scored it a 5 well done this kind of animation might make it to the frontpage!