Reviews for "SSAM #1"

that was amazing

I loved this movie. The music flowed together so perfectly, it was short and sweet, and this movie had just the right balance of everything. Good Job.


Get a hair cut....

OurGuardian responds:

Hehe it's a fictional character. You're crazy.

Why they call me.

That's usually why people call me. To help them get that one for them. Usually doesn't involve getting beat in public though....god job. Keep up the good work kid.

Great animation but....

a bit boring....make a longer movie and a non music video and you can get front page(maybe even with this, not that this is bad,but they put crap on the front page a lot)

great job


this is pretty good although ... i dont know if newgrounds is the place to submit a serios flash... but who knows maby it is although i voted u a 4 cause i liked this one personaly so keep up the good work and i like ur south park style animation