Reviews for "SSAM #1"

The only happy ending is when there isn't one...

I like it! Very cool, very well expressed. I don't care much how someone does their expression of work on flash as long as it's original (and this was as original as it can be :)). I love how you made the story text based and added that voice in the end, very dramatic... I actually thought it was going to continue, but I loved how it ended... leaves so many possibilities. I hope you continue this, cause the way it ended, sounded (to me at least) there's WAAAAY more than meets the eye.


i almost didnt post this because i liked the guys review before me and i wanted to keep it visible..but o well.

yea man..sucky south park rip off for the graphics... i jus kept waitin for that bitch to puke on the hoe.

Emo rhetoric.

That's it. The graphics were a sub-par South Park, which is amazing because they're sub-par as it is... even though I like South Park.

It was about some poor little kid no one loves. Aw. This is way better posted on some emo fan board.

The best part was the music. And unless you did that yourself, it's not very redeeming.

You get a 5 for being average. Just like the loser in the cartoon.

An Amazing look @ life through a luv struk student

Even though there is no sound or spoken dialogue this is a wonderfully strung together animation. Wonderful music and a beautiful plotline. The animation is South Park-esque without all the crudeness and it is a fantastic piece of flash almost like a new There She Is. Please continue on with this series.
P.S Why did you decide to go with no voicing till the end?

OurGuardian responds:

Because I think that would take away the style of the movie. It's all thoughts, you can't hear thoughts unles it's yourself. Not everyone can place himself in this character. Hmm good reason to not put voicing all way? The real reason is: Couldn't find anybody to do it and I'm to lazy to find one.

it was all the music

dude, it was a pretty good film, but for the sole reason of the sound. You took something that probably happened to yourself, and no one whose not incredibly emotional, etc, would really give a flying fuck about. Only your music guy was good, and you didnt even do it yourself. I mean, the animation was basic. Liked the music though.