Reviews for "SSAM #1"


That was nice I watched it with my sister she cried up a god damn storm I felt like I would have to mop up her mutha fuckin tears but I liked this flash I mean finally a romantic love story without sex or violence or cum or pussyjuice or drugs or racial slurs or butt-fucking titty fucking and any other fucking that I missed

Good job kid keep it up

Holy Cow

I just want to say I'm a fan of your work and this flash is really good. It's nice to see a flash going into Newgrounds thats not about sex or violence. This is one of my favs. :)


just what we need! another sentimental entery to the portal. that reminded me of south park

Nice stuff, just one problem...

...I don't speak dutch so i dunno what you just said to the last guy. But personally, I think the guys that invented Southpark found a new assisstant animator!

It had a poster that said HOLLAND

Leek een beetje op Soutpark hoe iedereen eruit zag. Maar mooi verhaal en goede graphics.

OurGuardian responds:

Was de bedoeling.:)