Reviews for "SSAM #1"

ahh emo flash

well done and i liked the layer infront that made it all -cardboardy or watever - but damn emo flash? i guess i cant say anything cuz thats wat you make and i cant change your mind - god damn - emo - ITS SO BORING AND LAME - aha there - i said it - im happy now - cuz seriously - im an insecure person that often randomly gets depressed - but its not like thats interesting


touching story. Keep up the good work.

it was good

i enjoyed it keep up the good work

You got me there...

the guy in this movie is exactly like me. Boy wants to get noticed, no one cares, gets the living hell beat out of him, then gets noticed by the girl of his dreams. Mind if I use some of this in a letter?

OurGuardian responds:

Of course you can.


Good job man, I'm gonna use this poem in a love letter. It's really deep. To the guy before me, so what if he's an emo.
Get a life and stop labelling people.