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Reviews for "Cerebral Discharge iii"

xannierules@hotmail dot com

was this really yours? it looks like an artist made it or some...well anyway good job ;) (i got used to the crazy stuff you always submit =P)

Keep Up The Good Work!!!


all though it was just a slideshow uve got sum serious talent. nice job.


i'm in love

(with you)

that's some truly amazing talented you're displaying there. need more of the same on newgrounds.

That was ... Uh ...

Cool. I guess. I mean, I like the artwork.. but couldn't you just as easily set it up at like.. Photobucket, or some crap?

I mean ... yeah, it was cool... For what it was.

Too bad...

Awesome graphics but that's all there was to this. It'd have been better just being a slideshow than a flash movie. Good graphics though, I'm impressed.