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Reviews for "Icarus - Freedom Cry"


Wow thats a great mix of sounds and elements together I love it especially at 1:05 when it kicks into the guitar solo it almost makes me wanna jump up and throw my hands in the air! Great job man do more please!

sorohanro responds:

I do consider that one of my best tracks by now :)


I love the composition here, especially when that orchestra comes in. Catchy, euphoric...all in all, a great song!

The only problems I had with the piece were some of your instrument choices. The synth bass seems to be a bit flat. It sounds better when all the instruments come in, but when it's playing the higher notes, you can hear the detuning. I'd rather hear a plucked electric bass.

The oboe you have going sounds quite synthetic. Try swapping it out for some epic rock organ sounds...I think that would sound awesome! :D

Keep up the good work!

sorohanro responds:

Thanx man, really appreciate your review.
The bass it's supposed to be a fretless bass with chorus, guess it's not very realistic :p That's what you end up with if you stick to freeware (like I do).

Oboe and also flute in some places sounds quite synthetic, but I would try to get real orchestra playing instead of change those with other instruments(dreaming of...).


the title really suits the music nicly! did you do all the guitar on a computer or in real life? either way everything fits toghether great and you musical talent!

sorohanro responds:

I ply guitar (real) and trumpet (real too). The real instruments I record with microphone (or line in) in my computer.
Thanx for review.

fuckin sweet

thius is like the white stripes. i cannot listen to it without air guitaring. gooooood shit.

sorohanro responds:

That with the air guitar made it the best review ever :)))


pretty great super awesome work their buddy!!!!!
keep writing stuff like this
sounds like buckethead
check out my song too!!!!!

sorohanro responds:

I'll check your songs a bit later, after I finish mixing my new track.
Thanx for review.