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Reviews for "Icarus - Freedom Cry"

So...so... BEAUTIFUL!!

*wipes tear from eye* this is going in my book RIGHT NOW!! OH MY GOD IT'S SO AMAZING!!! OH... wow.... this is... oh god... I... I'm speechless... this is the song I've secretly wanted to listen to from the day I was born... just... dear god.

sorohanro responds:

Man, this is a very nice compliment. Thanx, I really appreciate your feedback.


This is good! I like the flow and all the little flavorful elements that you add into the mix. Mostly everything about this is good stuff. Very well done, man.

sorohanro responds:

Thanx, I'm glad that you like it.
There is another mix of this one on Audio Jungle and I'll remake it after I'll get my hands on Pro Tools.


Seriously epic on a slow way... its been a long time i have been feeling this way about a slower song, could you meaby have sheet music for this or a tab?
i would really like to have it

sorohanro responds:

Usually when I work I'm making things "on the go", most of my solos are improvised.
I do plan to write down some of my tracks and put the music sheet for free, there are already quite a lot of people asking me.

Thanx for review.


i am not into music that much, and i never like instramentals.
but the instraments in this song speak without words....
ITS BEAUTIFUL ****crying happy tears***

sorohanro responds:

Thanx, I really appreciate your review.
Somehow I was always into instrumental music. I found annoying when someone wanted to translate the music into words to explain it (opera I hate the most, but pop music I hate too). If the music doesn't "speak out loud" then words will not help, if music "speak out loud", then words are not needed :)

Am I leaking from my eyes?

I think I'm crying...The music actully talks to me...
i have a friend that has canser right now and this makes me remember her. This music is great! If you know any other songs by the same author let me know!

sorohanro responds:

I'm sorry to hear about your friend with cancer. My ex wife had that too... very bad and ugly disease.
The music by the same author you'll find on my page (yep, I'm the author, if that wasn't obvious enough).
There are some more tracks dedicated to the memory of my ex wife, Silvia. Actually there are some songs featuring her on voice.