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Reviews for "Icarus - Freedom Cry"

Review for: Icarus - Freedom Cry

This is really amazing !
You did a good work
I really like the guitar parts !


sorohanro responds:

Thanx man, thanx. I'm glad that you lie it.


i simply love it legal or not legal i am gonna download it and listen it

sorohanro responds:

Be my guest :)
(btw, it's legal, that's why it's here)

Incredibly ASTOUNDING!

This is literally a great piece of work! As a musician myself, I highly respect this fine piece of work. As the times change music like this is slowly losing popularity. Keep up the great work!

P.S. ~ Good choice of acoustic ^_^

sorohanro responds:

Thank you very much.
Well, according to the HUGE number of reviews (a personal record) I would say that this music is not really losing popularity :)

Cheers !


I'm still ashamed of myself... not listening to the audio portal... A real jewel, makes me want to start writing lyrics again. Thank u, really.

sorohanro responds:

Well, there are more musicians that worth to be listened here, some even better than me :)
Check my fav list, you'll be happy about that ;)

Thanx for review.

Absolutely amazing.

There are no words for how...good I feel after having listened to this song. I feel like I could conduct a symphony from the top of a mountain, willing the very Earth to produce wondrous sounds from its bosom.

Or some monumentally awesome crap like that.

sorohanro responds:

Thanx for the review, thanx for the laugh (Or some monumentally awesome crap like that.).
You made my day :)