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Reviews for "Icarus - Freedom Cry"

Hello! Just wanted to drop by and say that I first heard this on here 9 years ago, and it still holds up. Great track!

sorohanro responds:

Thank you. There is a newer version, mixed in 2017 with live drummer and brass and a very cool bass player:


when i 1st heard this i was playin vidoegames and my trumpet at the same time, i literally stopped mid everything and just stood there listening, this is the most beautiful thing i've heard in a very long time. been listening to ur stuff for awhile now, 1st got hooked in ur music by my brother, he had "icarus-Dream of Flight" on his music list, i decided to check out the rest of ur stuff, and i was hooked instantly. Been listening to this song for awhile now, finally decided to write a review.

I love how u change from mostly acoustic guitar, if im gettin this right, to an electric? the percusion in the begining add a nice icing type feel to the piece, for the begining anways(im writing this as i hear it) when u get to the transition at 1:38ish? it seems to get more of a classical feel. i love when u have the electric and whatever that is going back and forth, it really adds a sense of youthfulness, like how in movies, the young ppl awlays have great asperations to accually do things in the world or in their lives. the ending adds the final layer to this piece, the softness that i attains before ending adds the final cherry on top of this masterpiece.
10/10 5/5
ive sat around so often doing nuthin but listenin to this, its absolutly amazing man, keep up the phenominal job.

sorohanro responds:

Sorry for the very late reply, usually I answer faster than that... somehow missed it.
Thanks for your very nice words :)


I'm mostly a metalhead, but that doesn't stop great music like this from finding the soft spot in my heart.
This is truly an amazing song and I feel honored to listen to it.

sorohanro responds:

Thank you for the very nice review.
I feel honored to read it.


Simply amazing.

What's funny is I probably wouldn't have found out about your work if I hadn't watched what I thought was a *below average* flash movie called "Delaware Thinks".

Anyway great work. 5/5 10/10. Will definitely be checking out the rest of your stuff.

sorohanro responds:

Thanx for review, the movie is... well... not really... anyway, it have a birdy flying around :))
I'm glad that you like my music.

an ode to you,man.....

the instruments you used are the perfect choice to make the perfect song to be ever heard on newgrounds.com,it really did blow my mind when i first heard that song.....a pay pay full respect to you sorohan,and to every musicians in this site.....

from respect

sorohanro responds:

Thanx for the very nice words. I'm glad that you like it THAT much :)