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Reviews for "Gourmet Race -Remix-"


this kicks ass

Step responds:

Cool :D. Thanks for the 10!


I definitely had fun listening to this.
great remix!!

Step responds:

Thanks. I had fun making it, so everybody wins ^^. I'm glad you enjoyed it :).

sounds familier

its sounds like the alternate song to a place in kirby airride, i forgot what it was called

Step responds:

Hm... I don't really know since I didn't play Kirby Airride, but I play Super Smash Bros Brawl so I know some of Kirby's other songs. Maybe what you're thinking of is the Legendary Air Ride Machine? Well whatever, thanks for the review XD.

I love that song from Kirby's dreamland

And this is an awesome remix. It's evident that you worked hard on this song, and it shows! The bass you made with Sytrus is really good, it took me a while to learn how to use Sytrus and I know how hard that can be. So props for that :)
The only problem is that the drums are mostly muffled by the syths you used for most of the melodies :( That's an easy fix though. Some simple mastering could really do this song wonders!
Keep up the good work man!

Step responds:

Yeah I like this song too XD. Thanks for the really good compliments, I appreciate them a lot. You are completely right about those drums. When I was making the song, the drums started getting in the way of the melody and making it quieter when louder drum hits came in, so I reduced their volume, and now they sound like they're not even there =\. I've no idea how to master though (I'm a noob...) although I know the concept so I guess I should find out how to.
Thanks a lot for the awesome review :).


this is the best song I've ever heard

Step responds:

:D Thanks, it means a lot :).