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Reviews for "Star Worms"

i like cheese

wibble green poo. cheese is good. i love cheese and my cat can fly just like pigs. this is what she green fuighujgjig iwerwet jmvopsdo03rj wefijiwgopwef

koefhkoer boo

I love you

This movie rocked in every sense of the word. Fantastic job. I was a little sad that there was only 1 lightsaber fight but...it was still a great movie. Seriously, keep these coming.

ooooops sorry! my son accidentally rated this at 0

he cant even tie his shoes or use large toilets
"dawe scawey" he says.
He really likes the "wurm staw wors guys"
my son is like preescooler


but why did a petty rebel get to kill the sith lord
shudve been a skywalker that killed him
but hey i dont care i love it anyway

Ever thought of:

3:Divine intervention
4:(for Star Worms II)Death star
5:Medievil weapons like a mace or a bow
6:Make it a game!!!(not recommended, a must=) )