Reviews for "Forest_Density [Box-Killa]"

I love it.

This track is soothing without losing it's entertainment value. I could see this being used in a flash animation at a really tense bit. Especially when it builds up.
I do think it needs a stronger string section though and maybe some gongs or something, to make it that little bit more epic.
Apart from that... I love it!

Box-Killa responds:

Wow I've got a lot of smooth's and soothing's lool. Well it is what its :D I tried with the string section but I fail with that. I need more practice before I can incorporate it within my song, but thank you much for the advice.

believe in the me that believes in you! Wow I watch too much anime. That was gurren laggan btw. I love that anime

hey that's going to be my new catch phrase at the end of each review. Instead of just saying peaceout!! Hehe


It's energetic but also a bit mysterious, I like the spiky synth or whatever it is xD
The piano is good but the spiky synth changes to a low horror note rather than the other note that makes it less scary, unless that's what you wanted to achieven.

Box-Killa responds:

The first thing I started working on was the harp, also known as the spiky synth :D I made the happy bit first, it sounded really relaxing by itself, then I added the piano and fiddled around until I liked the sound. Then I wanted a dark mood change from the first bit. I had no freaking Idea how to make the change. So what i did was i just got the structure of a the happy melody and applied it to a minor chord with extra notes added on.

That doesn't really answer your review but I wanted to say that anyway

The thing is, the happy melody kinda fits in with the darker one because it is a bit sinister. It was the work of the piano combined with the hard that did that.

Im just rambling on lolz.. yeah Its a cool song thanks for the review :D lolz

very smooth


Box-Killa responds:

Grins teeth*

cool song

very nicely put together. You are very skilled with music. :D

Box-Killa responds:

aww fanks u

Really impressive!

The whole song would fit perfect for a cool Flash Submission because it's completely atmospheric and stunning. 5'ed it!! :D

Box-Killa responds:

Oh dood, thanks a bunch! it remindes me of an old submission I made when i first started out.