Reviews for "Forest_Density [Box-Killa]"

Nice atmosphere

This is a very good song and it contains everything you described in the comments.

It starts off very nice and peaceful. Even though it seemes as if there are some discords there right at the start. But maybe that was just imagination. Anyway, imagination or not, those "discords" fit in there really nice. It sounds peaceful, but due to the "discords" it is indicated that there's something wrong here...

Towards the end with that loud piano I feel reminded of some "Deine Lakaien" and "Goethes Erben" songs. Those are two german Dark Wave/Gothic bands, I doubt that you have ever heard of them, but still, it sounds a lot like them in the outro. ^^

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Box-Killa responds:

ooh sweet another review from the review club :D Yep stars off very nice and peaceful. And yes, there is a sinister feel if that is what you ment by discord. Yes I see what ure saying, sinister in other words.

Lol never herd of those bands. Yep ending sounded kinda wierd. Thanks for teh review! Peaceout

Good job :D

I usually hate calm and ambient songs like this, but good job on this one, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

The melodies of that piano are just fantastic. All of the other instruments that you used were perfect as well, and they all fit the name perfectly, especially the harp. The snare sounds a little off, I'd suggest some booming bass drum instead.

Beginning was great, I have nothing to complain over there. It's the ending which was a little bad. It ended with too quick a note and it sounded a little wrong. Instead of ending it with the note you ended it with, repeat the note before it again, but making it a chord, a little longer longer and end it with that instead, and maybe some wind chymes too.

Apart from those small problems, I have nothing else to complain about, so great job on it!

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Box-Killa responds:

Oh sweet, i got a review club review :D!! wooh glad you like those melodies! Yeah the ending wasn't great. I really couldnt think of anything else to end it at the time. Your idea sounds good. :D Thanks for the review much appreciated !


Listening to this song reminds me of those simple yet fun first few dungeons in select rpgs.

Namely those first foresty dungeon type areas.
Definately peaceful & soothing.

Box-Killa responds:

Yeah Like the one in chronotrigger


Great song man... Super Relaxing...

Box-Killa responds:

:D Fanks

Ambient, incidental music. Not for everyone.

First off, as a person who likes a diverse selection of music genres, to me, instrumental music, whether its derived from orchestral, rock, blues, country or simple acoustic, etc., is probably my favorite type of music, as these types of music/songs incite more feelings and emotions than music/songs with lyrics that are sung by singers.

This particular song that you have crafted is very catchy in a sense, that the repeating sound of the harp strings grab your attention and keep you interested in the song itself. The way the melody was put together gives me a feeling of wonder, curiousity and bewilderment, as the piano plays and dances within.

Nicely composed work. As another user stated, this is not exactly a song that would be carried around in most peoples' IPods, however, that's not to say that this particular song is not without its own merit.

I can imagine this song to be used in conjunction with a video game type setting, along the lines of an RPG game, similar in fashion to the "Final Fantasy" or "Secret Of Mana" series, as it seems you (the composer) might have been influenced a bit from fantasy themed music.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with this song. Most importantly, its the type of song that didn't make me want to stop listening to it.

Well done.

Box-Killa responds:

Wow that's a nice long review. I dont have the time to respond to it all, thanks though anyway :D

I don't quite understand what you ment in your title by "incidental music", like music that can be used or something?

In response to the first paragraph, I'm glad you have diversity, so do I :D I mean, there are so many music genres and excellent songs, from the past that shouldn't be forgotten, why just listen to new stuff when there is at least 100 years of awesome music.

Second paragraph was a yes, yes ,yes ,yes sorta thing. I agree specially with the repeditive harp against the non repeditive melody, sort of like a clash between black and white.

And yea, many people already said it could be used in something like that lolz :D

well thanks for the review, I came back and responded properly :D