Reviews for "Forest_Density [Box-Killa]"

Pretty good

Sorry for the short review I'm in a hurry. :P The instruments that you used together were quite good. I'm impressed on how well everything went together and it was very fun to listen to. Some parts were more laid back and relaxing and some were more quick and action like. The all around feel though is that you would be in a mysterious place that you don't quite know what's around the corner, but you keep venturing on even though sometimes bad things might be around the corner, but you never know when something good is going to be around the corner too.

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Box-Killa responds:

Yeah I can definately see that sort of atmosphere coming through the song. Oh dont worry about the short review. Ive had plenty short reviews which were much more annoying :D Thanks for the review, and I hope I can make more cool stuff like this to keep you entertained :D

--Box-killa =) ==


Musically, it's a great piece. It keeps a consistent feel to it, so, unlike many songs, it doesn't sound like you're just switching between multiple songs, but merely progressing through one..

It feels like the sorta thing in a VT about ow the Amazon Rainforests are being cut down, starting off with amazing aerial shots, and then gradually moving to scenes of diggers and treefellers, large empty areas..Stuff like that..

The ending is a bit abrupt though.

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Box-Killa responds:

The ending is abrupt? Not anymore! hehe I changed that. tell me how you like it in a pm. Thanks for the review. Nice analagy loolz. Thanks for the kick ass review :D I'll definately have to use that review request club resource again. When i make a decent song of course :D Peace !

A little static

So the piece needs a little finishing off, as there are a few rough edges with regards to static on some of the notes, but overall a nice theme that reflects a slightly darker side of forest life, particularly with what lives overhead in the canopy.

The piano dances well and the rhythm picked out on the guitar is nice and suspenseful, telling it's own little take of shadows stalking across the forest floor.

I think that you've got a good gift for writing pieces to suit this particular genre. Perhaps an alternative lighter tune would be useful, perhaps encapsulating the forest during the early day, as this feels quite dusky to me.

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Box-Killa responds:

w00t. Yes to everything! I changed the ending woo!

Peace =D


Score: 10 / 10
Summary: Amazing
Review: Amazing. This must be one of the best ambient songs I've heard.

I don't really listen to ambient, even though I really like it. I'm not sure why. Either way, this was a great track. Great use of instruments, which makes the song sound really relaxing and peaceful, yet there seems to be something wrong, something bad going on.

Only complaint I have is the sudden ending, which you should try to fix. Other than that, this gave me all I could ask for in an ambient track!

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Box-Killa responds:

Hehe, now that's 18 reviews. Wow that is more then some top 5 submissions. Well anyway, thanks for the "Amazing" :D Yeah Many people have said it sort of has a sinister feel through the peacefullness. Oh boy, that ending. Some people like the snare, some people like the ending piano, others dont like them. Also the very ending, outro (i think what you were talking about). Yes that ends suddenly, I tried to keep that of ambient pad at the end, going for a while to keep the song from just suddenly ending. Perhaps I didnt leave it going on long enough, or it wasn't as effective as I thought. Anywho, i am shit scared to touch this song because of its success so far. But, if I get time, I will look at how i could improve the ending. Peaceout, thanks for the review :D

holy fuck

16 reviews!!!, god damn thats more than ive ever got

transitions well, from pleasent to scary

wish that piano had more reeverb to it, but thats just me

harp is good, ive used that same thing for intros to a hardstyle song long ago

i do think this is noe of your best tracks as well

i agree with th other guy, this would def. be somthing to be in a Final Fantasy game

agh the transition back into pleasent and nice is a bit rough, little to black and white to me

i like that snares that some in, really makes it feel like, "ok im like 10 feet from getting to the boss of this level, best be downin some ethers real quick"

i dont picture a forest though, i picture an ice cave

great track dude, almost perfect

you should make a boss battle song to come after this

Box-Killa responds:

ha! now i's 17. Glad you like this track :D Hmm an ice cave. Ohh you like that snare! coolies

thanks for the reviewzz!!

Yea I will make a boss battle song next, good idea!