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Reviews for "LL- Infiltration"

Really funny.

Your Flash movie rocks. Its awesome. The ending was great, good job.

Fabrcated-Lunacy responds:


excellent work

Locks have lately made better flashes than clocks.Great movie again LL.

Fabrcated-Lunacy responds:

Welcome to the real world. You are the one.

Simply Amazing

I laughed so hard at this. The animation was fantastic and the humor was just as good! Plus it was LL!


Another great movie from the Lock Legion! I liked the James Bond / Metal gear mix. The animation was great and the plot was funny. I wanted to zoom in on that chocolate pudding though! lol
More stuff like this please! <3 it!

Fabrcated-Lunacy responds:

Because you were so nice, here is what is said on the pot:

Chocolate (DUH)
Ground up human organs
Pigs testicles
Dead Skin
The Chinese

mmmm lovely. Probably best you didnt zoom in.

I enjoyed it.

I thought it was a funny movie. One thing that would make it better though is more attention to detail. On a more specific level I mean more shading and texture. Good stuff though!

Fabrcated-Lunacy responds:

I suffer from a disease called Procrastination. But if its detail your after wait till MGS3: Lock Eater Subsistance comes out.