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Reviews for "LL- Infiltration"

i hate those robotic voices

sorry guys it sux, wannabee clocks suck een more than the original and yes i know its LOCK not CLOCK. but that idea sucked anyways. try to be more original

Fabrcated-Lunacy responds:


Really funny.

Your Flash movie rocks. Its awesome. The ending was great, good job.

Fabrcated-Lunacy responds:



Haha. He went trough all that for some chocolate pudding. This is pretty damn funny.

Fabrcated-Lunacy responds:

Thank you. My aim was to make you laugh.

This is great.:)

How could you say it was bad. Here's an idea i had, put the mission impossible theme in a remake, it would make it real funny then. keep up the good work.

Fabrcated-Lunacy responds:

thank you my good friend.


I'm a big fan of the LL that wasn't to bad. Make more

Fabrcated-Lunacy responds:

I will sir, I will.