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Reviews for "Back in the Day"

Cute children! I wonder why gramp doesn't have a beard! Or may be he's a time traveler!

lol poor children! XD

He has black hair on the radio and blonde hair at home? Other than that I really like the style. Especially the teeth.

G3no responds:

Error on my part, i just felt better giving the lower one a dark green -ish hair since it fit more and on daylight i wanted it to look black . The hair IS dark green though , so the lower half is the right one

Awww! That girl is so cute!

You never forget your first kill. The moment you can feel their life slipping between your fingers. The look on their face... their blood soaking your hands in crimson. War is a horrifying thing.

The flow, the colors, the detail, and the fact that you can easily pick up on the fact that the veteran is telling a war story... magnificient.