Reviews for "Negative 001 - The Call"

you call that slow!!?!?!

for the love of god man! hurry up and make more, i can't wait!


Cripes that was like watching live action anime! I love the voice acting especially, I think, but I can't compare anything to the artwork and the animation! Great job!

this animation series is so cool......

wow this is great I love animation stories like this, espionage ehehehe so cool I really like the way you set your plot but pls improve the movement of the characters kinda makes them look like twisting manikins but overall it was great ^_^


nice style, sound was good but a little short make longer make more.

Something new.

I appreciate the originality and creativity in this flash. There's a lot of crap on here, and you've managed through your perseverance and artsmanship to seperate yourself from the crowd.
Keep the series going.