Reviews for "Delta Squad"


Also kinda reminded me of transformers espicially at 00:30. Anyway, great piece of music, epic in scale.

=D grrrrreat

OMG awsome actiony song great work

How about this?

Picture a general squad of COG soldiers. Being over run by multiple Locusts. Moral is extremely low. Soldiers are getting picked off one by one. Then at the 28 second mark, reinforcements arrive. Kicking the shit out of every locust they see.


Sounds really freakin' awesome. What'd you use for your sounds? I must have...they sound fantastic. :P

Very good

I easily noticed the Gears of War influence. The second half reminds me of the scene in Gears 2 where the COG got done protecting the hospital and The Chairman is giving his speak to the COG and people of Jacinto.